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New Mexico FlagWelcome to New Mexico’s best source for travel guide information. Check in frequently as we’ll be adding more information, videos & special offers on a weekly basis!

To see more videos and discover all you need to know about a particular area, use the sidebar on the right to click to specific destinations or activities, or use the search bar to view city destinations.

Do you have a New Mexico “Hidden Treasure” you’d like to share? Visit our “Hidden Treasures” page for exciting details!

Whether you live in New Mexico or plan to visit, take time to discover the magic and beauty that makes New Mexico one of the most scenic, cultural, historical, recreational and exciting destinations in the world. Every day in New Mexico is an opportunity to explore, learn, play, experience and enjoy.



  1. Mike Ross says:

    Great site, will you be accepting New Mexico photo shots to display?

  2. Frank says:

    Hello Mike,
    Thank you for the comment and we encourage everyone to submit their Photos !

  3. Norine Wrobel says:

    Just found your site after watching the TV program. It’s great, keep up the good work. Would love to have the TV program expand to 1 full hour.

  4. Jill Lane says:

    Almost a year into the program…and a great job you are doing of showcasing New Mexico. Keep up the great show!

  5. Mike Ross says:

    We have a trip plannd for Chloride/Winston in June. It is their annual Festival. There will be cow chip poker, a bbq, vendors, a parade, and a big dance later in the day. Your write up on it compares well to all the other things we’ve read about. Stay well my friends.

  6. David Reed says:

    Your show used to be on in El Paso? What happened? Would help draw people to the area from out of state.

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