Behind the Scenes at the Chuck Jones Gallery

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I discovered while in Santa Fe that there are a lot of great art galleries.  You know it is the third (I think I’m right) largest art city in the country?  Yep, lots of art, sculptures, weavings and just about anything art.

On my most recent trip to Santa Fe I decided that I didn’t want just the norm in art galleries.  I wanted to visit a place that would really make me smile … even laugh … at what I saw.  And more than that I wanted to feel welcomed to do so and not think I would need to talk in hushed tones during my visit.

Where do you find a place like that?  Someplace that brings out the kid in all of us and takes us back to our childhood … or even gives us a chance to reminisce about “art forms” you’ll find today that give you reason to smile?

Well the answer is The Chuck Jones Gallery just off the Plaza downtown.  Chuck Jones?  You know … Wylie Coyote … Road Runner … Marvin the Martian … all of those folks.  You just look at the art and you can’t help but smile.  Okay … you can’t help but laugh!  And the folks in the gallery encourage you to do so all while telling you what inspired Chuck and the other artists represented there to create what they created.

Think … The Simpsons … and then buy one of the original artist drawn cells used in one of the famed TV episodes that are now over 20 years old!  I’ve always loved the Simpsons and believe it or not there are some cells from which I actually remember the episode and can nearly recite the words Bart and the others exclaimed.  Ah.h.h.h… to have one of those in my office!

On Location at the Chuck Jones Gallery

On Location at the Chuck Jones Gallery

Well, we had a ball filming and talking to the great staff there led by Michael Bundy.  And if you’re lucky you might be in the gallery when Craig Kausen, Chuck Jones’ grandson, is there.  Both Michael and Craig will regale you with stories of Chuck Jones.

I ended up purchasing pieces for each member of our staff as a Christmas present.  They are all so wonderful that it is nearly impossible to make the right selection but whatever selection you make, if my staff is any gauge, it will be the right one.  I can’t wait until the Grinch purchased for our home arrives!  Now, that is some Christmas present in a place where laughter and joy abound year round.  The Chuck Jones gallery in Santa Fe.  A different kind of gallery with a whole lot of memories for children of all ages!  You just gotta love it!


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