The 90th Annual Inter-Tribal Ceremonial…Gallup, New Mexico!

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People come from all over the world for this spectacular event, and whether you’re eight…or eighty, it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

For decades, Native American groups have come to Gallup to perpetuate the tradition…the culture…the rich heritage of this annual event.

Highlights include the dances and competitive pow wows, with songs, dance steps and costumes passed down from generation to generation.

The parades are immensely popular….a continuous and colorful pageantry that includes tribal groups, dancers, horseback riders, Navajo Code Talkers and tribal royalty.

And for art lovers, this is THE event of the year.  The authenticity and quality of the arts, crafts and world-class juried art show make this a shopper’s paradise…an absolute gold mine!

For a touch of the wild west, enjoy the Ceremonial Rodeo…with dust-swirlin’ action and heart-poundin’ excitement!

And believe me…you could come just for the food!  Navajo fry bread and tacos….Hopi corn stew…roasted corn on the cob…Zuni oven bread…you’ll love every mouthwatering bite!!

It’s the 90th Annual Inter-Tribal Ceremonial…August 2011 at Red Rock State Park in Gallup.


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