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October 11th, 2010 by Travel Guide NEW MEXICO Leave a reply »

Greetings my fellow New Mexicans.  I, Travelin’ Jack, am here today to make an important announcement.  This November, we are going to be engaged in one of the most heated gubernatorial campaigns ever….in fact SOME might say it will be a dog-eat-dog campaign!

I—Travelin’ Jack—was pondering this… and all MY ‘pet’  projects and I thought to myself Doggone it…I should be included in this dog-race…so to speak! (woof!) After all… I have MY own campaign platforms that touch every New Mexican…just like the fine two ladies running for Governor.

So..without further ado, I am here today to throw my PAW into the race…yes, it is true!

I—Travelin’ Jack—do so announce today that I AM YOUR 2010 INDEPENDENT Dog-ernatorial Candidate for Governor of New Mexico!

I’m ready to hit the campaign trail to share my campaign platform ….and here are the cornerstones of my platform:

1. (Social Welfare)

Spay & Neuter All Pets

2.  (Economic Stimulus)

Travel New Mexico with your Pet

3.  (Healthcare)

Obtain Medical Insurance for Your Pet

4.  (Border Control)

Adopt A Shelter-Pet/Save A Life/ Support Animal Humane (stop those 4 footed kids from crossin’ the border—give ‘em a home!)

So  there you have it….straight from the dog’s mouth!

And doggone it…come election day……

REMEMBER….a Vote for Jack is a Vote for Animal Welfare!

And as Gov-ner Travelin’ Jack…..I WON’T disappoint you…I dog-guarantee!

For more information on Travelin’ Jack’s campaign, contact his Press Secretary, Jill Lane.    Tel. 505.220.4933; e-mail. Jack’sdogblog@gmail.com.


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