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Travel Guide NEW MEXICO is an exciting new program designed to stimulate in-state tourism. A combination of weekly television and web, Travel Guide NEW MEXICO highlights the many exciting and interesting places families can visit in the Land of Enchantment.

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Whether it’s hiking or biking, boating or fishing, museum and gallery tours, stops at pueblos and points of interest or shopping, Travel Guide NEW MEXICO will cover it all!

From Alamagordo to Zuni, we’ll take our weekly viewers to places in New Mexico they may have heard about, but needed extra motivation or information to get going. The show is designed to do just that: get families off the couch and on the road in New Mexico.

If you’re interested in being included, please contact Travel Guide NEW MEXICO.

About Richard Holcomb

Richard started working in radio during high school and worked his way up through news, programming, sales, sales management, general management and group executive.  In the early 1990’s Richard started a broadcast consulting business and developed several new and innovative sales programs for Viacom Radio, CBS Television, Post-News Week Television, Heart-Argyle Broadcasting and several other national media companies.  In 2002 returning to New Mexico Richard started “HomeBuilders’ Gallery” which has broadcast weekly since October 2002, a monthly magazine and website as well as a creative service department that handles advertising and marketing campaigns for a variety of clients.

In 2007 Richard’s love for New Mexico and traveling around the state convinced him that it was time to “get off the couch and out of the easy chair” and formulate “Travel Guide New Mexico” as a way of convincing all New Mexican’s and those who wish to visit New Mexico that there are a never ending abundance of things to see and do in the Land of Enchantment.”  Everywhere he goes, Richard finds more and more “locals” who approach him and say, “I did not know that was in New Mexico!” or  “Have you ever considered visiting ________?”

Travel Guide New Mexico was in the planning stages for 18 months and launched in July 2009 on television stations in Albuquerque/Santa Fe and El Paso, Texas/Las Cruces, New Mexico covering 97% of New Mexico plus West Texas and Southern Colorado.

With over 800 local half hour television programs produced through his company, CliffDweller Productions, LLC, Richard feels that there are at least another 800 TV shows, blogs, and videos to give everyone interested a snapshot of what there is to see and do in the Land of Enchantment.  And he encourages you to come along and join the adventure!

One of the highlights of his career was appearing in “The Astronaut Farmer” movie where he had a speaking role with Billy Bob Thorton.  Just another of those 1,000 things he wants to do before he dies!   A word of caution … his name is in the credits longer than he was on screen but he did cross this one off his list of 1000 and the movie was filmed right here!

Richard holds a BS, MA and Ph.D. all in business and psychology, which he claims he achieved just to prove to his 7th grade English teacher that she was right … he is capable of doing so much more!

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  1. Hey Richard, nice gig you have here!
    check out my page on Chama, New Mexico – I’ve been marketing properties up there for awhile…we go to Chama almost every weekend to our 2nd home in the Brazos.

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