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Jack’s Tracks: Running for Governor

October 11th, 2010

Greetings my fellow New Mexicans.  I, Travelin’ Jack, am here today to make an important announcement.  This November, we are going to be engaged in one of the most heated gubernatorial campaigns ever….in fact SOME might say it will be a dog-eat-dog campaign!

I—Travelin’ Jack—was pondering this… and all MY ‘pet’  projects and I thought to myself Doggone it…I should be included in this dog-race…so to speak! (woof!) After all… I have MY own campaign platforms that touch every New Mexican…just like the fine two ladies running for Governor.

So..without further ado, I am here today to throw my PAW into the race…yes, it is true!

I—Travelin’ Jack—do so announce today that I AM YOUR 2010 INDEPENDENT Dog-ernatorial Candidate for Governor of New Mexico!

I’m ready to hit the campaign trail to share my campaign platform ….and here are the cornerstones of my platform:

1. (Social Welfare)

Spay & Neuter All Pets

2.  (Economic Stimulus)

Travel New Mexico with your Pet

3.  (Healthcare)

Obtain Medical Insurance for Your Pet

4.  (Border Control)

Adopt A Shelter-Pet/Save A Life/ Support Animal Humane (stop those 4 footed kids from crossin’ the border—give ‘em a home!)

So  there you have it….straight from the dog’s mouth!

And doggone it…come election day……

REMEMBER….a Vote for Jack is a Vote for Animal Welfare!

And as Gov-ner Travelin’ Jack…..I WON’T disappoint you…I dog-guarantee!

For more information on Travelin’ Jack’s campaign, contact his Press Secretary, Jill Lane.    Tel. 505.220.4933; e-mail. Jack’

Jack’s Tracks: Inter-Tribal Ceremonial

October 11th, 2010

I, Travelin’ Jack, was invited to the fab-tabulous Inter-Tribal Ceremonial.

…so off we went to Red Rock State Park and Gallup to take in the scene.

Check out the Ceremonial Dances in the amphitheatre…Wow…would you look at that!

Yup, nuthin’ better than catchin’ some shade….and what a great spot, eh?

SO much to do…where’s a pooch to start? Arts & crafts at the Open Air Market….the Exhibition Hall and bee-you-ti-ful rugs….folks to visit with….

Why everywhere I went, I was dog-dazzled by the magnificence of this Red Rock setting….wow…getta look at that will ya!?!

Hey…can’t miss the action at the Parade. And a grand one it is!

And from Travelin’ Jack….Gallop’s  Inter-Tribal Ceremonial is one dog-dandy find fer sure!

Jack’s Tracks: Hilton Resort at Buffalo Thunder

July 27th, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

Today we’re checkin’ out the snazzy Hilton Resort at Buffalo Thunder.

I hear through the dog-vine that they are pet friendly…so this canine reporter is ON THE JOB!

Yup, nice entrance with these fab sculptures and all…and check this out!

Electric doors that open just for me! (well maybe you too!) I received one grand welcome by the GM of Hilton Resort Buffalo Thunder…with doggie treats no less. YUM!

Nothin’ like relaxin’ on a grand veranda with great views all around….and then of course there is TV bedside too!

Yup….it’s true. Buffalo Thunder Resort is one dog-dandy getaway…for the four-footed furry pets and their persons too! Buffalo Thunder Resort earns Travelin’ Jack’s special 5-paws Rating!

Jack’s Tracks: Bishop Lodge in Santa Fe

April 16th, 2010
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Today we’re checking out Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa in Santa Fe, the PERFECT wintertime getaway for pets and their people. Bishop’s Lodge is a great pet-friendly place to stay in New Mexico, featuring lots of running space and fresh, tasty snow–YUM! Wow – check out the historic Lamy Chapel – great up and down action here! And plenty of room to roam at this 450 acre resort!

Jacuzzi time, or maybe I’ll just lounge poolside – talk about pet friendly! At check-in pets receive a warm welcome from the staff and even a doggie treat! Off to my suite to relax. A cracklin’ fire, gourmet doggie biscuts — pets get the whole package! I give Bishop’s Lodge my special “5 PAWS” rating.

Travelin’ Jack – Let Me Call You Sweetheart

March 1st, 2010
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Travelin Jack here – roving bull-dog reporter and today I would to sing a very special song that I have written about the state that I love so much…please sing along with me!

New Mexico, My Sweetheart, I’m in Love with You

Let me wander o’er your hills, And nature trails too.

From azure skies above, To waters oh so blue.

Let me call you sweetheart, New Mexico I love you.

I Love to view your beauty, All four seasons true

Summer, winter, spring and fall, Each lure my steps to you.

Let me Call you Enchanting, Words were ne’r so true

New Mexico My sweetheart, I’m in love with you.

Jack’s Tracks – Holiday Inn Express at Silver City

January 2nd, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

Travelin’ Jack here – roving bull-dog reporter. My job: checking out pet friendly spots around New Mexico. Whenever I’m in Silver City, I stay at the pet-friendly Holiday Inn Express! The pet-friendly hotel features comfortable rooms, HDTV, and for the humans in your party, enjoy a complimentary full hot breakfast, have a workout in the fitness center and enjoy a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi.

The Holiday Inn Express in Silver City is my kind of place!

Jack’s Tracks – Pet Friendly in Carlsbad, New Mexico

December 26th, 2009
YouTube Preview Image

Travelin’ Jack here!  Roving bull-dog reporter from the road! My job: checking out pet-friendly spots around New Mexico. This week’s destination: pet-friendly places in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Checked out the four-footed action here, and bully if I didn’t find it at Ocotillo Nature Trail, right near Living Desert State Park and Zoo. We hit the trail on a foggy morning and blimey took me right back to the old homeland, England. But it was not so foggy that I couldn’t explore the area. Not this curious canine, nope!

The trail winds through this wonderland of cacti – but watch out – keep those feet and nose on the trail. Nope, no needle extractions for this ol’ bulldog! After a nice, long hike, I spied a great resting spot at one of the handy benches along the trail. Hey, there’s nothin’ sayin’ a bully can’t enjoy the view just as the fog is beginning to lift!

Ah yes, another great find by this roving canine reporter! Carlsbad is definitely a great place to explore. Bee-YOU-ti-FUL!  Signing off for now.

-Travelin’ Jack, bulldog reporter! And Bully to you!

Read more about Ocotillo Nature Trail.

Jack’s Tracks in Bloomfield, New Mexico

December 18th, 2009
YouTube Preview Image


Hello there from Travelin’ Jack… on the road. This time with a totally new twist. My TV screening debut for the television show, Travel Guide NEW MEXICO. Yep, you heard right!!! This silly bulldogge has landed a spot on this wonderful television show. It will be called Jack’s Tracks. Each week I will highlight a activity and destination in our beautiful state. Doggone lucky, I would say!

Read more about Travelin’ Jack here.

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