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Visiting Pie Town

September 30th, 2009
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Pie Town on U.S. Hwy 60 is visited by a myriad of travelers seeking a more relaxed route as well as hikers and bicyclist’s from around the world traveling the “Great Divide” from Mexico to Canada.

At nearly 8000′ above sea level this western town has a Post Office, a Chiropractic doctor, A VLA (Very Large Array radio telescope), and “Lester Jackson Park” which hosts the Annual Pie Town Festival on the Every second Saturday in September. It is also home to the world reknowned Daily Pie Cafe!

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Pie Town: America’s Friendliest Little Town

August 15th, 2009

pie-town“Life out here is a step back in the past where neighbors look out for one another, would not drive past without waving, and some could care less. That’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it!” And that might just be the reason it’s been called the friendliest little town in America. Also….the pie here is pretty darn good as well!  

The pie-baking renown of one of its town’s early residents evolved not only into the town’s name but also secured its reputation for great homemade pie! Available daily at the local café,  no visitor passes through this spot on the map without stopping for a taste of this homemade treat.  Additionally, its namesake and pie-baking reputation are celebrated annually every September at the Pie Town Festival.  This little town, and its famous pies, have been recognized not only by the locals and hungry visitors, but even written up by the Smithsonian Magazine! And the town has been a subject of many television shows as well.   

There is, however, more to Pie Town than pie! Located on famous Highway 60 the “coast-to-coast” highway, it also sits right on the Continental Divide. These two famous landmarks bring visitors through and to this little southwestern town.  Hikers and bicyclists worldwide travel through Pie Town while taking on the “Great Divide” from Canada to Mexico.  The other main activities…enjoyed by both locals and visitors…include: cowboy-ing, hunting, fishing, camping, and of course, eating pie! Situated just a few hours south of Albuquerque, it’s worth a visit…or two…to Pie Town!

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