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New Mexico is rich with “Hidden Treasures” — places most of us don’t know about, but VERY worth visiting! These Hidden Treasures might be colorful canyons, little-known but fabulous restaurants, one-of-a-kind shops, geological wonders, peaceful valleys, hard-to-find hiking trails… the possibilities go on and on!

We invite YOU to share your “hidden treasure” with us! If we select YOUR destination as a place to share with our viewers on TV and the web, you’ll receive a free hot air balloon ride with Rainbow Ryders in Albuquerque.

Email Us and include your name, contact information, and information about your favorite New Mexico Hidden Treasure (include a name, description and a website address, if available).  We will contact you if your New Mexico Hidden Treasure is selected!

Click here to view all contest rules (PDF).

Watch videos of our Hidden Treasures:

J & R Vintage Auto Museum:

YouTube Preview Image
Albuquerque Museum:

YouTube Preview Image
Fort Bayard:

YouTube Preview Image
Sandoval County Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks:

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Dear Richard, I am a bit perplexed. Having lived in Las Cruces for 10 years and knowing all that goes on here, I am perplexed at your overlooking of Las Cruces for your program. Hopefully this is just an oversight that you intend to correct soon as I DVR your program and watch it every time it is on. If you haven’t shceduled Las Cruces, maybe you should consider it as Las Cruces has a lot to offer. If you need help with any Mountain Biking for this area, I will be more than happy to show you some wonderful trails and scenic views.

  2. I agree with william, above. Las Cruces is the second largest city in the state and has a lot to offer. I find it true of most resources that they ignore this area – a mere mention as the neighbor of the weird little town (mesilla) that imprisoned william bonney for a very short time. The town suffers from its proximity to El Paso; but we are not a bedroom community for that city, we are our own city with people who have stories to tell, places to show, and lives to share. The artist community is just as vibrant as that of santa fe, but it goes largely ignored outside the county. We are a great destination for anyone interested in winter sports or the space port or mexico or chiles; a great home for students, for families, for singles and for retirees, las cruces offers something for everyone.

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