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New Mexico Outdoor Travel Outfitter – Charlie’s Sporting Goods

February 1st, 2010
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If you like traveling around New Mexico’s great outdoors – hiking and camping, fishing and hunting – put Charlie’s Sporting Goods at the top of your list and visit before you go.

Charlie and his team of experts are here to fit you with the right equipment for your New Mexico outdoor travel adventure, no matter what your skill level, to ensure the best possible experience on land or water.

They have everything from fishing equipment & lures to handguns and shotguns archery equipment, tents and rafts, footwear, apparel and much more!

If you haven’t been to Charlie’s, you haven’t been to New Mexico!  Charlie’s Sporting Goods 8908 Menaul in Albuquerque.  See them today!

The Guadalupe Backcountry Byway

December 26th, 2009
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For 30 miles, the Guadalupe Backcountry Byway travels the transition from cholla cactus in the Chihuahuan Desert west of Carlsbad up into the pines of the dramatic Guadalupe Escarpment. Travelers can see mule deer, pronghorn antelope, gray fox, scaled quail, mourning dove, a variety of songbirds, and small mammals. The Byway is located along the Capitan Reef of the Permian Basin and passes through an area of producing oil and gas wells. The plains give way to steep limestone outcrops cut by dry arroyos. Beneath the surface are numerous caves, including Carlsbad Caverns and Lechugilla Cave within nearby Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

The Byway has interpretation stops along the way explaining different aspects of multiple-use public land management. The interpretive stops include explanations of activities taking place on this “working landscape,”
which include oil and gas development, livestock grazing, recreation uses, as well as other land use opportunities and natural resource protection measures.

The Guadalupe Backcountry Byway also provides a gateway for rural tourism and access to many little-known attractions. Numerous intersecting improved roads and unimproved OHV-two track trails provide access to public lands with excellent opportunities for hiking/backpacking, primitive camping, caving, horseback riding, nature study, mountain biking, hunting, and other outdoor experiences.

Read more about the Guadalupe Backcountry Byway.

Visit Los Alamos

September 23rd, 2009
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Experience the extraordinary legacy of the Los Alamos region. From the centuries old Puebloan ruins of Bandelier National Monument to the world renowned scientific community that shaped the course of history, Los Alamos continues to excel in innovative technology for the 21st Century.

Enjoy our breathtaking mountain scenery, fascinating museums, wildlife, and many activities such as hiking, backpacking, road & mountain biking, rock climbing, fishing, birding, camping, swimming, golfing, hunting, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, skating and much more. Los Alamos provides a convenient and economical base for exploring the diverse cultural and sightseeing opportunities offered by North Central New Mexico.

Dulce – Headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Nation

August 1st, 2009

The Jicarilla Apache Reservation, tucked in the north-central region of New Mexico, spans an impressive 879,854 acres.  It borders Colorado, expanding 63 miles to the south and includes some of the most spectacular scenery in New Mexico.   Their name Jicarilla (pronounced hick-uh-ree-ya) means ‘little basket weaver”, and appropriately so as they are known for their intricate and magnificent basket weaving, using traditional methods passed down through the generations. Dedicated to preserving their rich heritage, the Jicarilla Culture Center is open to the public and shares the story of their Native American heritage.

Outdoor adventure is dominant on the reservation. They offer up world-class hunting and fishing at their luxury resort, the Lodge at Chama, as well as their highly respected Horse Lake Mesa Game Park.  Four lakes and numerous ponds provide access to excellent fishing.  The Jicarillas are also actively immersed in the gaming industry running two casinos. The Jicarilla Apaches have a rich, colorful and artful story to tell, and they wish to share it with the world. Lodging and dining experiences combine to weave a memorable and multi-faceted Native American experience when you travel to the Jicarilla Apache Reservation.

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